Cheap vs. Affordable Web hosting: What’s The Difference?

Cheap vs. Affordable Web hosting: What’s The Difference?

The modern-day shopper is savvy enough. When they are out there shopping for a product or service, they conduct rigorous comparison to ensure they get the best possible deal. But one thing a majority of the modern day consumers wouldn’t to do is sacrifice quality for price.

In the domain of web hosting, not many website owners know that better hosting services are out there. In fact, a lot of website owners know and wonder how little they pay for hosting their sites each month. And they tend to stick there knowing that they would never find a competitive rate as the one they are currently enjoying. However, when these website owners are made aware that there are far better options out there that charge less and still offer the same services as their current plans, they would start the process of changing hosts immediately.

Definition of cheap web hosting

When we talk about rock-bottom web hosting, cheap web hosting is the perfect definition. Hosting providers offering cheap web hosting services might be resellers or web hosting providers whose selling point is only price. With those rock-bottom prices, cheap web hosting services are always the most expensive in the long run and offer some of the worse web hosting services out there. Even web hosting providers offering rock-bottom web hosting services know that their target audience is mainly first-time website owners, who look at nothing other than price and basic functionality when choosing a web host for their sites.

Cheap web hosting comes with a catch: The web hosting company will entice many people to subscribe to their cheap plans, and when the time comes for them to renew, the price increases or even doubles. The web hosting company will also charge for the add-ons. The add-ons can add up the initial price of the web hosting plan.

Another downside to cheap web hosting is that it comes with mediocre customer support. For starters, they experience a lot of downtimes. Secondly, customer support is mostly through email. Email support is slow. The average customer can wait for up to 48 hours to get feedback through emai. They may even charge an extra fee for technical support.

Affordable web hosting

Affordable web hosting plans are a bit higher priced than cheap web hosting. There are not many extra fees on top of the stipulated web hosting fee. The providers of affordable web hosting have add-ons, but are far less costly compared to those of cheap web hosting plans. In a nutshell, affordable web hosting is the opposite of cheap web hosting.


Therefore, if you’re torn between choosing cheap web hosting and affordable web hosting, it prudent to choose affordable web hosting. Here, is where the saying ‘’cheap is expensive’’ rings true. When you do the math, you’ll find that you’re just paying the same as those paying for affordable web hosting yet the web hosting services aren’t up to scratch.

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