3 Best-Managed Cloud Hosting Companies of 2018

These cloud hosting service providers were selected by users from all over the world as the best-managed hosting services of 2018! Read and find out more!

Finding and signing up for a simple hosting package is totally fine as you will eventually get all the resources you need to run your site or blog. And while this option works okay for a lot of online businesses, ecommerce sites, and blogs, having fixed resources such as limited web space, limited bandwidth, a set amount of RAM core can be a huge problem for websites with a heavy traffic and for larger projects. If you experience an increase in traffic, there is absolutely no way to allocate that extra bandwidth or RAM, and even if you decide to upgrade your hosting plan, your website will probably go offline for a while, which is not so great for your visitors and potential buyers.

Cloud hosting plans can be considered as VPS or virtual private server products where you will pay for a set amount of bandwidth, web space, CPU time, and RAM. However, all of these resources are spread across different devices and you can change your plan in the future by adding an extra gig of RAM, and etc.  This flexibility is pretty convenient and great for delivering additional power, in times you need it the most. The starting prices are usually similar to regular VPS or virtual private server hosting (from $10 to $15 per month). The expenses will rise as you use extra resources, but usually, you will only have to pay for the time you use these extra resources. Yes, that’s right, you only pay for what you use.

However, cloud hosting is not the best solution for everyone and for every type of business. The startups, as well as, the small businesses are likely to be better off with basic hosting packages. The technology, however, has a lot to offer to anyone so if you are ambitious about your online project, we highly recommend you to try cloud hosting.

If you are interested in cloud hosting and you are looking for cloud hosting service providers, you are in the right place. We are going to present you the 3 best-managed hosting services of 2018:

  1. HostGator – This is a great option for smaller businesses, projects, and operations. They offer a solid range of hosting plans. Their cloud platform spreads your site load across several servers and all for a more scalable and reliable hosting. This type of costing is as easy to use as a standard hosting, the only difference is that it costs more. The basic HostGator cloud hosting costs £3.95.
  2. 1&1 – Another great hosting service provider that offers a wide range of hosting plans, suitable for different users and different needs. This company offers powerful flex plan, it allows you to try the hosting plans before you buy, and extra features such as DDos protection. All hosting plans have various specifications and all give you email accounts and unlimited traffic, a bundles certificate, and a choice of EU or US data center. The prices start at £22.28 a month.
  3. Bytemark Cloud – This is a popular US-based hosting company known for offering great perks. It offers lots of flexibility and helps to configure backup, firewall, and more. This company has managed to design its own platform by using an open source software. The basic package will cost you £10.

You can’t go wrong if you decide to choose one of these cloud hosting companies. Make your own research, decide which company suits you the most and make the final choice.

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